Right now life as we knew it in 2018 is not the same it is very uncertain, but I’m sure people who were alive in 1918 when the Spanish flu was around also know as the Swine flu pandemic were feeling similar too how this current pandemic has made many of us feel, uncertain, hopelessness, doubtful, angry, and very unhappy about life because that pandemic killed many people too. It’s just another thing as we all know it will always be something or you expire.

My biggest concern throughout this current pandemic is the children. Yes, I know they are resilient, but the child’s whole world has been upset. Children need to be outdoors in nature; they need to be able to satisfy their curiosity as they explore their world, and exploring their world outdoors provides their bodies with getting vitamin D from the sun. I am wondering if the child’s overall growth will be affected as a result of restrictions and safe guards that have to be in place to protect them from COVID-19. I pray their resiliency will allow them to recover from this drastic upset of their childhood. It’s almost as if a thief in the night came and robbed them of their right to flourish. God help our children to overcome these challenges.

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