Praise God I retired from the education profession in 2019. After being a Special Educator for 19 years, I had to reprogram myself to feel comfortable doing things for me. Currently, I am recovering well; I now feel more comfortable with this transformation of my life and I’m doing necessary things to be well within. I have established a routine that consist of working out on my indoor cycle, journaling daily, reading more, meditating, and I have time to do many things that I always wanted to do but didn’t have time or energy to do because of exhausting of giving my all to be the best educator that I can be for me and those who are under my guidance. Overall, life is good and I am learning to enjoy it by breathing easy and dealing with each moment as it comes to me.

I’m a dreamer I have a vision in my head that tells me that things in our world today will go down in history and we will be able to restore our sanity until the next thing comes up. Thinking of all these things we as humans have to endure helps me cope while accepting each thing as Just-another-thing and keep it moving. My favorite poem is called Dreams, by Langston Hughes, Hold fast to your dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to you dreams for if dreams die life is a barren field frozen with snow. The reason I love this poem is because it’s straight to the point. Dreaming helps us to look forward to our future. If you don’t believe in yourself, then your future dreams and aspirations may be null and void. Bet on you you are your best cheerleader, and your most important supporter.

One last thing, for all the people who are opposed to the vaccination that will help eradicate this pandemic. Herd immunity is when the entire population is protected from the virus because many are vaccinated or previously infected and developed natural antibodies. Prayerfully, 80% of our population won’t be opposed to getting the vaccination so we can reach herd immunity, and possibly return to a somewhat normal living condition. It’s just difficult now because so many people forgot about prior immunizations and receiving them throughout their lives, and not having any severely negative reactions from them. It’s really hard to tell people what to do, but I know what I have done I took the shot, but I still protect myself by wearing a mask and social distancing. And yes, this is just another thing too.

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