I am a retiree.

Hello everyone my name is Valerie Neal-Jones; I worked for the Jersey City Board of Education for 19 years, and I also worked for New Jersey City University for 7 years, I am thankful that my time at both jobs was enough combined to give me the years of service needed by the state of NJ to be eligible to retire. It has been a long road of routines, split second decisions, anxiety, and a multitude of uncertainty while working as a Special Education Teacher. I started my teaching career in 2001, and as I stated above I officially retired July 2019 praise GOD. For those of you wondering why I wrote retiree in big red letters, its because after working so long for others while pouring out your blood, sweat and tears trying to please them that for me it symbolizes elation and happy times ahead plus red is my favorite color, Working as an educator will always be apart of who I am now I can work on becoming an educational consultant with a vision of what is needed to ensure that our babies overall growth including brain training is met..

My retirement has been official since July 2019, but shortly there after this devastating pandemic hit the World. Thus far 583,330 people in the United States have expired due to COVID-19. The number of cases of COVID-19 thus far are 32,602,051. Personally, the vaccine was welcoming for me I was elated to hear that there was a vaccine available. I started asking people about their intentions of getting or not getting the vaccine. A lot of people I talked to said that they would not be getting any of the vaccines, I can’t wrap my brain around not getting the vaccine since most of us were vaccinated since birth, I know that all of the kids I went to school with had to have vaccinations or they were sent home to their parents until they did get the required vaccine. Getting the vaccine was worth every moment of lost time that we had to endure, and wonder if we were going to be the next victim of COVID-19. I finally received the last part of the Moderna vaccination on April 8, 2021. I know that the vaccine does not guarantee your not going to get COVID-19, but if you get it maybe it won’t make you have such a bad illness. Anyway, the only way to eradicate the virus is to develop immunity against it by getting vaccinated, and yes that’s just another thing.”

I learned that there are so many facets of education that young minds need to be made aware of so that they may have a chance at adjusting to whatever they are faced with. Potentially becoming self sufficient individuals with a clear understanding that they are unique and need to focus on what they are doing; also they must understand they do not need a multitude of people that they aspire to be like. Brain development needs training so that a child can learn how to deal with everything and move on from the place that their at with ease, purpose, and understanding.

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